The Property

Breakfast on the veranda at Country Ridge B&B in Oyama
Property view frome the back garden at Country Ridge B&B in Oyama

The property is located on a hillside with stunning views of orchards and vineyards slopping down to two beautiful lakes.

Our spectacular wrap around veranda allows our guests to take in all the beauty and tranquility from their private seating area, no matter what the weather. You can watch the local birds, including humming birds and quail and catch the occasional wildlife sighting. You can also go and explore our walking trails.

Here’s what our guests have to say–

  • “We enjoyed the opportunity to bring home a sushi dinner from a local restaurant and sit on the lovely veranda, sip a glass of Okanagan wine and watch the quail walking by and the deer on the hillside.”
  • “We just stayed on the property, reading by the pool, going in for a dip when we got too hot, having a nap in our nicely-air-conditioned room, and snacking on the meals we had pre-purchased and stored in their guest fridge. The communal breakfasts on the veranda were delightful, as we got to know the other guests and heard their stories.”
  • “The scenery is breathtaking, if you’ve been to the Okanagen you know the natural beauty I speak of.”
  • “I absolutely loved getting up at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning, sipping my coffee while ensconced in an Adirondack chair, watching the sunlight move slowly down the western ridge towards Oyama and the still waters of the lakes, while in the pasture below the deer were jumping and playing.”